Upcoming Event

More than just another Marathon 👣🌍👣


Discard tour guides and discover the city with your fellow runners on Sunday the 2nd of February, 2020.

The event will take you back in time as you run the Cradle of the Yorubas and enjoy the rich sights and sounds of the ancient city.

Bronze Heads discovered in Ile Ife in 1939


Leading western historians have come to accept after much disbelief and research that these bronze artifacts discovered in Yorubaland in 1939 were indeed made by the Yorubas of the 11th-14th Century using lost wax technology, a total of 19 were discovered!


This large size statue of one of the crowned bronze heads sits in the middle of the town. It is a good place to pull out your cameras and snap away !

National Museum, Ile-Ife


Famous Bronze Head On Display Inside

Of the 3 crowned heads, one is housed in the British Museum, and another one in the National Museum, Ife. The third bronze head is “lost”! Please mentally note the location of the Museum as you run and make a plan to go see this historic Bronze Head, which is one of many exciting exhibits!

E-mail: ileife@nigerianmuseums.org